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News Round-up: 06/24/2016

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The Insurance Journal:

Raise your hand if you think granny and pa prefer old-school transportation. Then read this.
Check it out at: Older Drivers Favor High-Tech Auto Features


This is a very thoughtfully written piece about the future of the automotive industry and if we are getting too far ahead of ourselves. Will we need / want driverless cars? Are we overdoing technology? There certainly are some points-counterpoints worth reading and thinking about. Consider spending some time with this one.
Check it out at: Auto Industry Roiled By Technology Threats, But Is It Worrying Too Much?

Automotive News:

It’s not too early to be thinking about the 2017 North American International Auto Show and what we’ll be witnessing at Cobo and surrounds.
Check it out at: Automakers on board for new Detroit auto show mobility exhibit

The world isn’t just Uber, Lyft and Moovit. Check out these ride-sharing aps. Then figure out if you want to get a car, van, truck… even an RV. With names like BlaBlaCar, it’s worth the read.
Check it out at: 10 ridesharing companies that can make your work trip more efficient




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