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News Round-up: 04/29/2016

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Road and Track:

“This is the truck I was looking for. This is the truck I want… The diesel hits the sweet spot.”
"The engine lends a constant thrum of competent power."
Check it out at: It's Amazing What a Difference the Right Engine Can Make

VW, rocked by scandal, continues to apply new applications—or, in this case—an old application.
Check it out at: Volkswagen turns to the Miller Cycle for improved efficiency
For more on the Miller Cycle, an American innovation: Miller Cycle

The Times of Israel:

Meet the “Aquarius” engine, which has the promise of doubling MPGs by turning things sideways and delivering power differently.
Check it out at: Israeli car engine could halve fuel costs, emissions

Design News:

The latest and greatest in internal combustion engines…
Check it out at: The Auto Industry’s Latest and Greatest Engines




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