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News Round-up: 03/27/2015

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Driverless cars are coming, like it or not. Here are six industries threatened by driverless cars. (This website requires some “click-troughs” and closing of ads.)
Check it out at: 6 Industries Threatened by Driverless Cars

The Detroit News:

Mary Barra said “don’t be afraid.” To whom was she speaking and what was it all about?
Check it out at: GM’s Barra: Women should accept challenging assignments

Even if you don’t like Jaguar automobiles or circus acts, this might be worth a view. Check out the bling hanging from the car. And it’s just the River Thames below. No worries, chaps. We’ve got this!
Check it out at: Watch the 2016 Jaguar XF Drive Over a Tightrope
In case that link is experiencing heavy web traffic, try: here





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