UAW-GM Center For Human Resources

Chris Gallagher

Amie Coville                                       UAW Personnel Manager                 





Janice Adams
GM Co-Director     

John Yehle                                             GM Personnel Manager             






Yvette McGee                            Personnel Administrator


OPEIU                                                                       Mary Moskaitis  Secretary                                           5267  

                  Janice LaCasse                                                      Pool Secretary


Personnel Department

Our department is responsible for all human resource management operations for the UAW-GM Center for Human Resources (CHR). A partial account of the CHR's activities include:

  • Compliance with all local, state and federal employment laws.

  • The formulation, implementation, monitoring and enforcement of personnel policies and procedures.

  • The administration of the collective bargaining agreement with the OPEIU Local 459.

  • All other human resource workforce services.

Personnel policies and procedures, general personnel information and forms required for personnel-related matters are available on this site.

Our broad responsibilities to service CHR employees make us a supporting partner with all CHR departments and their functions.

CHR News & Notes

  • OPEIU Employees:  Paycor time cards for pay period  July 27 - August 7 due Friday, August 7, 2015.
  • Bokwa Class starts Monday, July 20, 2015.  For more information, click here: Bokwa Class
  • Kristopher Owen, Building Services, has reached his 5-year anniversary with the CHR, effective June 21, 2015.



Special Assigned Vacation Request Form

Special Assigned Fuel Reimbursement Form

Service Award Pictures (OPEIU & MAP)

Paycor Employee User Guide

HazCom_AudioTraining Presentation

Workplace Compliance Courses

2012-16 CHR/OPEIU Bargaining Agreement

OPEIU Job Descriptions 

OPEIU Seniority List

OPEIU Lead People List


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