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Cindy Estrada
UAW Vice President
Director, GM Department

Welcome to the UAW-GM Center for Human Resources (CHR) on-line. We are proud of the many programs and services available to UAW-GM people.

Since 1985, the CHR has delivered top-quality education and training to UAW members and GM salaried employees throughout the United States

We offer a wide range of opportunities. From reviewing course schedules, registering for classes, and downloading helpful brochures, this website is designed to help you!

Cathy Clegg
Vice President North American
Manufacturing and Labor Relations

Important News

UAW-GM Center for Human Resources Joint Training Schedule for 2017 has been released.

Click on the Training Schedule link in the menu above.

TAP Notice

Click here for Tuition Assistance information.

Notice: DSP and Retiree TAP remain suspended.


Holiday Greetings:

As the Holiday’s approach and directly afterwards, higher levels of stress than normal may be anticipated. To help you manage the stressors that you may encounter, consider trying a few tools to help you:


·     Holiday Stress Survival Guide

2016 Holiday Stress Survival Guide

·     Meditation Video Clip: What It Is and How It Can Help You

Benefits of meditation and how to practice

·     Meditation Video Clip: Need to Relax? Take a Break for Meditation

Need to relax? Take a break for meditation

*Note: Any practices related to health and the wellbeing should be reviewed with your personal health care provider prior to use. Use of health and wellbeing practices are at the sole discretion of the user. A health/wellbeing practice should never be used while driving/operating any type of equipment/machinery and is meant to be done during personal time.