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Important TAP Notices/Messages

  • The UAW-GM Dependent Scholarship Program (DSP) and Retiree TAP remain suspended.

  • Click here to access the UAW-GM TAP tutorial video for the EdAssist Application Process.

  • Click here to access the TAP Advamce Payment Request Form.

  • Click here to see the "2018 Tuition Assistance New Web-Based System" Letter.

  • Click here to access the new TAP website.

The UAW-GM Tuition Assistance Plan (TAP) is designed to enhance the opportunity for advancement for active and laid off UAW represented GM employees.

The TAP program provides financial assistance to UAW represented employees to attend approved licensed or accredited schools including colleges, universities, proprietary schools or vocational/technical schools. The program also allows workers to select various vocational training or education based on their situation and goals, which is subject to approval by the UAW-GM Center for Human Resources (CHR) TAP Administrators.

The CHR has developed definitive guidelines for the administration of the TAP program. The 2015 National Agreement MOU TAP provides the framework and principles for the development of these guidelines. To view the UAW-GM Tuition Assistance Plan Guidelines, please click here.

UAW-GM TAP is jointly administered by the CHR. Issues or concerns regarding TAP should be brought to the attention of the Joint Skill Development and Training Committee.