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The UAW and GM have established programs and support services to assist workers and their immediate family members balance their work and personal responsibilities. The objectives of our joint efforts are to help employees and their family members develop healthier lifestyles and enhance the effectiveness of the workforce.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program provides assistance and support for mental health services and substance abuse, (i.e. Counseling, treatment, follow-up support services, etc.) The purpose of this program is designed to help prevent the development of personal problems and provide access for treatment and aftercare for those already affected.

The program is administered by trained UAW and Management Work/Family (EAP) Representatives at each plant whose responsibilities are to provide support and referrals to the appropriate professionals. Referrals are made to network providers according to the employee's health care benefit coverage. Services are confidential and participation in the program is voluntary.

If you would like to know more about this service, please contact your UAW Work/Family (EAP) representative at your plant or local union.

Resource and Referral Services - Child Care & Elder Care

Need help for complicated challenges that may cause you excess time and stress on or off the job? Resource and Referral Service is free and available to help you better manage and maintain balance between work duties and life responsibilities. A Resource and Referral specialist will: take an individualized assessment of your needs; search for referrals to local resources that have timely availability; and send an educational/informational packet outlining helpful resources and referrals. Using the Resource and Referral service during challenges has helped many—help is just a phone call away! Here are some of the areas that Resource and Referral can help:


  • family daycare, group homes
  • emergency/back-up care
  • nursery and preschools
  • nanny and au pair organizations
  • summer camps
  • before/after school programs
  • parenting groups
  • pregnancy information


  • support groups
  • agencies and attorneys
  • process information
  • home study information


  • school district information
  • private school information
  • tutoring programs
  • colleges, universities
  • financial aid, scholarships


  • skilled nursing facilities
  • assisted living facilities
  • transportation programs
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • adult & in-home day care
  • Alzheimer facilities
  • respite care

Eldercare (continued) 

  • medical home care
  • caregiver support
  • rehabilitation/RTW services
  • independent living services
  • caregivers support
  • medical equipment
  • loss, grief services
  • stress management services
  • pain management services
  • chronic illness care
  • hospice for illness & end of life
  • nutritional services
  • well being services

Pre-Post Retirement

The UAW-GM Pre-Post Retirement Program provides UAW/GM represented and GM salary employees, retirees and their spouses with valuable information regarding retirement. The workshops include topics such as: Retirement Benefits/Pensions, Financial Planning, Legal Considerations, Social Security, and other retirement items."

"More information, materials, and course facilitator forms can be accessed by clicking on the "My UAW-GM Retirement" link above or click here.

Regional Paid Educational Leave

The overall goal of Regional PEL is to provide educational information that will equip UAW represented GM workers, and GM employees with the necessary tools for becoming more knowledgeable and effective in the rapidly changing environment of today's auto industry.
Goals are met by a process of study and discussion which include:

  • Fundamental changes taking place in the industry,
  • Problems facing both the company and the union,
  • The strategic directions GM is pursuing,
  • The implications of these changes for the UAW.

Regional PEL sessions are usually held at the Walter and May Reuther UAW Family Education Center (Black Lake) and are scheduled by UAW Regions annually. Consult your UAW-GM CHR training schedule for your region's date.

For more information on Regional PEL: click here