Employee Placement System (EPS)

You now have the option to receive electronic offers via email when you apply. If you choose the email option, you will be sent the job offer via email and a link to accept or decline. In addition, you will only need to apply to the plant(s) that you want to transfer to.

Anytime you receive a job offer to another location, whether you choose to accept or decline a job offer, all of your applications on file will be closed. As a result, you will need to reapply to all locations you would like to transfer to for any future transfer opportunities.

As a reminder, on January 1st of each calendar year, all open applications that are not tied to a current requisition roster will be closed. New applications must be made after December 1st of each calendar year.


GM Employees

Use your GMID Login to access your EPS2 benefit system.

Please click here to view the "How to use the Employee Placement System" guide for employees.