Accommodating DisAbled People in Transition (ADAPT) which is a program that is jointly administered by the UAW and GM in your plant. The ADAPT Program often enables employees to be retained at work or returned to work from Sickness and Accident or Worker’s Compensation Leave. Hourly employees may be placed on jobs within their physical restrictions or with reasonable accommodations, in accordance to Local and National Bargaining agreements.

The UAW-GM ADAPT Program is a voluntary program, each UAW represented employee with a restriction written by the Plant Medical Department will view the UAW-GM ADAPT Program Entry video presentation describing the ADAPT Program. This video will explain the ADAPT process, benefits and potential successes of the employee’s voluntary participation. At the conclusion of the ADAPT video, the employee volunteers to participate or may waive the right to participate in the UAW-GM ADAPT Program.

If you believe you have recovered enough to return to work, but not to perform your regular job, alternative placement opportunities may exist.

You will need to schedule a medical evaluation with your Plant Medical Department and work with your attending physician to define any restrictions you may need to enable you to return. The Joint UAW-GM ADAPT Team will then conduct a job search and work with Plant Medical Management, and UAW Committeepersons to facilitate your placement to a job within your defined restrictions.

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The UAW-GM ADAPT Program
Awareness Video


The purpose of the UAW-GM ADAPT Program Awareness Video is to create a basic understanding of the ADAPT Program and the opportunities it provides for accommodating people with disabilities.


Click here to view the UAW-GM ADAPT Program Awareness Video.