Joint Training Schedule Print

The UAW-GM Center for Human Resources joint training class list for 2017 has been released.

Please check the website periodically throughout the year for any changes or updates to the training schedule.

Please note:

  • Classes will be filled in the order registrations are received.
  • Registration for class will close thirty (30) days prior to the date listed.
  • Do not make any hotel or airline reservations prior to receipt of your confirmation as a class participant.
  • Airline tickets must be purchased no later than 14 days prior to departure date.
  • Charges incurred because of cancellations of hotel or airline will be the responsibility of the participant's location.
  • Hotel parking expenses will no longer be direct billed to the UAW-GM CHR. To receive reimbursement for parking, include the expense and the original receipt on your expense report per UAW-GM Joint Fund Travel Guidelines.
Click here to view the 2017 class schedule.

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If you have any questions about training classes please contact the appropriate individual listed below.

Department Representative Phone
ADAPT Karla Huneycutt 313 324 5082
Education & Training Angela Knox 313 324 5215
Health & Safety Sheryl Apple 313 324 5132
GMS Joyce Bloodsaw 313 324 5369
Work Family Carla McKinney 313 324 5229